About me

There must be a question hovering in your mind, why this website? Will it is not Self-Glorification. This is an endeavour to share with everyone the experiences, I have had in the last 34 years. During my journey to the positions the ups and downs I have had and so on. I want to share with you the path I have followed so that others are benefited from my good and not so good experiences. There were moments when I was in doubt and I wished someine should guide me. Today I am here for others, offering my experiences through this website. Also I want everone to know how LIC have been instrumental in fulfilling my dreams, How much LIC supports people people asscociated with it and how far LIC goes to reward, recognise and honour achievers - Persons who are sincere and dedicated towards there goals. If I can get so many awards, so can you. I f have enhancements of financial and social status, so can you. My journey with Lic has many learnings for many people- employee of LIC, my Business Associates, You and Me.

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