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About Me

Hi friends, I am Ankit Kohli. Academically, I completed my MBA in the stream of Marketing & Finance, from GGSIPU Delhi. Professionally, I joined L.I.C. of India as an Agent in 2010, under our revered Development Officer Sh. D.K. CHITTORIA (My Godfather). My agency code is 01534.
I belong to the second generation of my family, to join this Prestigious Organisation under the dynamic supervision of Sh. D.K. Chittoria ji.
Here, I would like to share, what I have achieved professionally, during the last 6 years as an agent of L.I.C. The purpose is simply to assure you that your L.I.C related needs are being taken care of by a professionally recognized and acknowledged Agent of L.I.C.

Awards & Achievements


  • imagesIn the first year itself i.e. 2010, I won Shining Star and Qualifier’s Trophy and was awarded with Award of Excellence.
  • imagesI became MDRT in 2013.
  • imagesI was honoured by respected Chairman of LIC of India for my notable performance.


  • imagesOn the first day of agency I completed 51 policies.
  • imagesIn 2010, I was awarded with Award of Excellence and won Shining Trophy and Qualifier’s Trophy.
  • imagesIn 2012-13, I was awarded as Centurian Agent.
  • imagesI was honoured by our respected Marketing Manager Mrs Manju Baga in 2013, for my consistent performance.
  • imagesFor my notable performance, I was honored by our respected Sh. V.K. Sinha NZO.
  • imagesI was honoured by our respected SDM Sh A.K. Upadhya, for my remarkable performance.
  • imagesIn 2015, I was honoured with Corporate Trophy for my outstanding performance.
  • imagesI was honoured by respected Chairman Of LIC Of India Sh. S.K.Roy in 2015. My parents and I, all were awarded by sir
            and we were the only family to achieve that goal on that day.
  • imagesI have achieved the feat of MDRT in 2013 and wish to achieve the same again in 2016.

Why.. with DKC??

For me Sh. D.K. Chittoria is LIC, I have no idea what LIC and its business is all about.He is the person I need to contact in case of update or reference in case. He has been a godfather to me and I can give my heart and soul only to him and do whatever he says. Talking on professional terms he is the best guide and mentor one can ever have. He knows how to maintain a beautiful balance between Profession, family and society. Also he tries to teach us the same. For him everybody is his child and will try to make his family grow. His level of satisfaction can be seen when one of his children (LIC AGENT) is getting honored by some dignitary. He doesn’t want me to grow professionally only but makes sure that we grow in all aspects of life. He has named his office as “GYAN MANDIR” where people like us are converted from Maruti 800 to BMW. Here we polish our skills and get regular updates about the industry which I don’t think any official of LIC would be doing. A person who treats his office as temple I can’t even tell how religious he will be.
He is the only person because of whom I have reached where I am today(still more to come).

Contact Me

Office Address : Flat No.4 WZ-22 Asalatpur Village, Janakpuri, New Delhi-110052
Mob. no : 9971155662
Tel. no : 011-47537585
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