Abdhesh Chandra Thakur

About Me

Hi, I am Abdhesh Chandra Thakur. Academically, I am a Graduate and professionally, for the last 12years, I am successfully providing my services as an agent of Life Insurance Corporation Of India. I join this prestigious organization on 6th October,2004 under the dynamic supervision of Sh. D.K. Chittoria, my Godfather. My agency code is 01170.
Here, I would like to share, what appreciation and awards, I have received so far, as an agent of L.I.C. The purpose is simply to assure you that your L.I.C related needs are being taken care of by a professionally recognized and acknowledged Agent of L.I.C.

Awards & Achievements


  • imagesAward of Excellence by SDM – 2010.
  • imagesWinner of Gold Trophy for outstanding performance – 2014.
  • imagesCorporate Trophy – 2015.


  • imagesShining Star trophy – 2010.
  • imagesAward of Excellence by SDM – 2010.
  • imagesZonal Manager Trophy – 2011.
  • imagesWinner’s Trophy – 2012.
  • imagesI have achieved No. 2 rank in branch policies in FY : 2013-2014.
  • imagesI become Centurion year by year.
  • imagesMerit certificate – 2012 & Vishesh Samman Patra.
  • imagesShankhnad Trophy – 2013.
  • imagesAchiever Trophy – 2013 honored by SDM.
  • imagesWinner of Gold Trophy for outstanding performance – 2014.
  • imagesCorporate Trophy – 2015.

Why.. with DKC??

He is very religious and a perfect Marketing & Management Guru.
Guru Ji has unique ability to handle all the problems. He always equipped us with latest trends and changes of life insurance sector. He is very sensible to feel the emotions of others and always ready to stretch his helping hand to everyone.
His basic thought that one’s real growth and development lies in the prosperity of others. He believes in the bouncing effect of the nature i.e. whatever you want for yourself, give it to others first, nature will definitely bounce back the same to you, rather the more than whatever you gave.

Contact Me

Branch Office : G-12 B Lajpat Nagar, Sagibabad, Ghaziabad-201005
Mob. no : 9891485672
Email : acthakur1975@gmail.com